Discover the world of Parrotox NFTs

Parrotox-world is a high-quality collection of 11,111 unique Parrotoxen living on the Ethereum blockchain. Available here and on Opensea

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  • NFT LaunchWhitelist 1000 spots (0.08ETH)
    • Genesis 2000 spots (0.15ETH)
    • Public mint (0.3ETH)
  • Metaverse Integration
    • 3D model of Parrotox as Avatar
  • Merchandise launch
    • Hooddies, T-shirts, Phone cases
  • Charity giveaways
    • Collaboration with charities, hospitals
  • Tokenlaunch Parrotcoin
    • Earn money from your NFT with Parrotcoin drops
    • Listing on multiple exchanges


Parrot aka. Samy

  • Founder
  • Designer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Web3 responsible
  • Anime enthusiast
  • Fulltime geek

Ox aka. Mim

  • Designer
  • Marketing assistant
  • Creative mind
  • Nurse
  • Musician

More coming soon – stay tuned